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Voiceless Empathy's picture
Saturday August 08, 2020
Posted by: Voiceless Empathy

:'( im just got done books to teach me how to play the bass. it's not going well, and I'm staying up until 2am to try to read and learn. T.T and my cousins are over and im just hearing them argue over minecraft. :'( i cant listen to music or i'll be distracted. okay, time to try to practice. :'(

Thrill.Killer_'s picture
Saturday August 08, 2020
Posted by: Thrill.Killer_

we're gathered to mourn the loss of billy the dachshund mix. he had a long and good life. he was found in his favorite green chair, he looked just like he was asleep. billy still runs around and wags his tail in our memory, coming right up to us with his almost blue-colored paws, like he had boots.

F L I N C H E R's picture
Saturday August 08, 2020
Posted by: F L I N C H E R

being called a fake fan genuinely ruins your interest in things.
"fuck what people think"? fuck you. don't be a judgemental ass.

Harbinger For Hire's picture
Saturday August 08, 2020
Posted by: Harbinger For Hire

I put my hand inside a toaster,
Just to smell the searing skin...

I pulled his gun out of it's holster,
And shot both of his shins...

I'm a broken rollercoaster,
No breaks or safety measures left,
Hear you mutter underneath your breath,
But I'm a maniac born to win!

Cause I've always been,

emo_emmalee's picture
Saturday August 08, 2020
Posted by: emo_emmalee

im gonna give this a shot. the song is called "locker room dysphoria". so, yeah, hopefully you get the idea. message me if you want to work on lyrics. xoxoxo

Micah_Cyanide-Heart's picture
Saturday August 08, 2020
Posted by: Micah_Cyanide-Heart

it feels like the countdown to Return all over again

But this time much more sinister

I really dont know whats coming.

oh and recent word says somethings coming the 27th too so the end aint here just yet

driver's picture
Friday August 07, 2020
Posted by: driver

a quardial request to ponder these quarries and state honestly your answer
1 fave band this year + last year
2 most embarrassing phase of younger life
3 can you swim
4 do you like to think positively or negatively or neutral
5 do you like mountains - are they better or worse in different weather -

sophisakilljoy's picture
Friday August 07, 2020
Posted by: sophisakilljoy

this girl from my 'school' wanted to know what My Chemical Romance was, so she looked them up on safari and misspelled it a lot, and scrolled down a lot, and... stumbled upon Rikey smut from a fanfic... i-

she is only 9

OnyxTheMoonMoon's picture
Friday August 07, 2020
Posted by: OnyxTheMoonMoon

Hey guys! It’s your local Moon Moon here with confirmation that I’m not dead yet! I also don’t plan on being anytime soon so don’t worry about it. New news of what I wanna do when I grow up: I want 6 animals.

Thrill.Killer_'s picture
Friday August 07, 2020
Posted by: Thrill.Killer_

uh yeah basically
1. I feel female as shit for some reason so she/her is good now
My dysphoria will probably be back in black soon though
2. I still miss dex
3. Counting down the days til I get to romania where we have to quarantine and school is probably still online
4. We're staying in a hotel