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Thursday May 23, 2019
Posted by: uwu

i may or may not be changing schools next year and i dont know whether or not to do it. my school right now is ok i guess, but i never feel motivated enough to go. my attendance is at like 20% and i literally just cannot get out of bed the majority of the time. im really trying ://

Tuesday May 21, 2019
Posted by: raphael_santiago

idk why, but this site makes me a little sad. i guess it's because it has become so quiet and withdrawn that it's disheartening. there aren't many that are still active and the ones that are active just joined recently. i don't know. i'll just sit here and collect my sad fandoms

Sunday May 19, 2019
Posted by: uwu

my dad sucks man but thats ok. nothing fun has happened, just chilling

Thursday May 16, 2019
Posted by: uwu

this site makes me pretty sad honestly. its nice to see that the community tab is still active after all these years but... idk man it makes me remember that im never going to be able to see those guys live.

Wednesday May 15, 2019
Posted by: Asedfernas

Slipping away. Everything is. I screw everything up. And then I wallow at the bottom of the deep hole I've dug for myself. MCRmy where are YOU? Come back. I need you. SOMEONE. ANYONE.

Saturday May 11, 2019
Posted by: zzombieyum

its a beautiful day today. nearly 70. i'm wearing a dress I just got recently from savers and I feel cute today.

If I had to describe my mood in song it would be "i'm so tiered" by Fugazi.

haven't been doing much of anything.

Monday May 06, 2019
Posted by: Tyler_adrenalin...

The truth untold is that I'm not just fine. I need someone to safe me. Someone to catch my tears with whom I can laugh and stuff. I try to love myself but it's really hard cause the best of me is hidden in my DNA. I can't find it. I need my Mama. She is always there for me. Even tho she has cancer.

Friday May 03, 2019
Posted by: zzombieyum

today i toured bridgewater state university, it looks like it may be a good fit. they have really good support and community for LGBTQ students so that makes me feel good. they even have a floor of a dorm designated to queer youth, which i thought was cool.
thats about all thats going on . readinga

Wednesday May 01, 2019
Posted by: sweetasbattery

hi :) i hope you have a good day

Wednesday May 01, 2019
Posted by: zzombieyum

ive been listening to a lot of Queen

i like their music a lot

finished umbrella academy. i loved it. my favorite character was klouse (i know i misspelt lol). i could really see gerard and three cheers come through, especially in the last episode.