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Gothic Wolf's picture
on February 28, 2011 - 4:46pm

On the 22nd feb in Canterbury, New Zealand there was a 6.3 earthquake and so many have been buildings collapsed and over 154 people are confirmed dead with more expected to be found and over 50 people are missing but it has gone down. Lots of liquefaction has appeared all over Christchurch but were slowly shoveling that away.lots of truck sized holes have appeared all over roads. Fissures have appeared in parks and on the roads. Many rivers are flooding because they are pumping sewage into them. half the town has power and a quarter has pluming. most of our malls are gone. most of us christchurch's old historical buildings are gone (eg 2 of the pictures) all schools are closed until further notice. and this happened on my brothers birthday and the day before mine. there were statues that fell over. buses got crushed. mum had to evacuate her house.
this just some of the things happening but we dont want to make you depressed

but there is a plus we found to time capsules (one is so old its just a piece of paper in a bottle)

i know this is not the only disaster but it got most of the world listening even Australia and they have there own problem
killjoys i am ok but Christchurch need your preys
thanks for your support and reading this depressingish blog