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Intro from a long-time MCR fan

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Altavalon's picture
on February 28, 2011 - 9:28am

Since I don't have much time--work beckons! I figured that I would just say 'hi' and let my page speak for itself. I've been a dedicated fan and part of the MCRmy for years but have rarely met anyone else who seems to carry that same passion with them. So that realization brought me here. It sucks when you go out and about either wearing a My Chem shirt or just listening to their CD and mostly everyone I meet either gives me a blank look because (yes, believe it or not--there are still so many ignorant people in the world who have never listened to MCR's music). Or they just roll their eyes at me cause they don't understand the adoration I feel for the band. It's pointless to explain myself a million times over to that many people so I usually just sigh and move on. But it makes me feel rather dejected alot of the time also cause I wander alone with my passions. Little by little I've been getting my mom into their music and she's coming with me to their April 15th concert in Chicago but other than that I'm just sitting on pins and needles in complete anticipation of that date with not a single other person in the world understanding why.

So that reasons leads me here. Hi, I'm Susan. If you want to reach out or say hi or I'll even take friend requests, whatever you want. Clearly this is a family and while I know I exist in 'said family' I rarely feel it when I'm out their in the world or even when I just decide to come online. I hope that will change in the near future. xoxo