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The story of the skies

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Gothic Wolf's picture
on February 27, 2013 - 7:15pm

“Is the machine ready?”
“It will be soon, don’t worry,” The man replied.
“And soon it’ll be ours.” The other man stared to the sky with determination.
“It’ll start a war!” A small girl protested. She had long red hair which was covered in dirt like the rest of her. She was chained to one of the two men. Treated like a monster at the age of thirteen.
“Let the soldiers deal with that.” The man tugged on her chains as punishment for speaking out of turn.
“But they have families and lives to run,” Her croak voice tried to protest more.
“Ours don’t.” He sneered at the red headed child.
The other man interrupted, “Child, if you shut up now we may have mercy on you.”
A faint smile of hope came across her face, “Even if I’m not the one you’re looking for?”
“Yes,” He smiled cunningly, “A chance to be someone new.”
Her smile widened as her voice chocked out, “Freedom?”
They both were smiling now, “Not quite.”
Her face dropped and became confused.
The other man answered, “You’ll become a soldier.”