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How my 2 main charcters meet

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Gothic Wolf's picture
on January 30, 2013 - 1:17am

“Rough 16th birthday?” A male’s voice asked.
I looked around the room but couldn’t see who the voice belonged to. I went to the window in hopes I could see the mysterious man. When I looked outside I saw a boy sitting on a nearby tree. When he saw me look his way he waved at me. He was pale with smooth, black hair, just above shoulder length. He wore all black and hid well in the shadows of the trees.
“I’m speaking in your head stupid. Anyway my names Victor Black and don’t worry I know all about you, Alice Barker,” even from the distance I could see him smiling.
You knowing me more then not knowing, I thought to myself.
“You know pureblood vampires can read thoughts?” He asked even though he knows the answer.
Enough with the purebreds and purebloods, and keep out my head, I shouted in my head at him.
“Well I want to keep talking so will you let me inside?”
Fine but hurry up. I opened the window for him.
Next thing I knew he stood beside me saying, “Close the curtains, before I burn.”
I did as he said and closed the curtains, “So Victor why are you here?”
“Well on, it has ads telling you about new creatures becoming 16 and because you were one of the people this area and will soon be coming to my school I, thought I could pay you a visit,”
“Is that the website witches run?” I asked.
“Yup, have you been on it?”
“No, I found out my parents are werewolves yesterday and then woke up in the hospital earlier today. It’s not like I’ve had the time. Anyway, you said something about me moving schools? As far as I’m aware, I am not changing schools.”
“Have you noticed no one at your school stays after 16?”
“Yeah so, that’s normal, some people leave at 16 years and others change school,” I replied losing confidence in myself.
“Not quite, they changed to the night class,” he started to explain.
“The night class? Is that a class for monsters so they can keep learning and can be in their true form?”
“Well that and so vampires don’t burn,” he smiled.
“Okay, then why haven’t my parents told me I’ll be changing schools?”
“You’ve gone through so much stuff lately, they don’t want to load it on you all at one time,” he said delicately.
“Wait a minute, it just crossed my mind that vampires and werewolves aren’t meant to get along? Explain that,” I said harshly.
He hesitated and his skin became even whiter, not that I thought that was possible, “’s hard to explain.”
“Tell me!” I shouted at him.
“Alice, what’s going on up there?” I hear Mum shout from the stairwell.
I glared at Victor then turned to the door and yelled back at Mum, “I’m just on my computer, don’t worry.” I turned to where Victor stood and saw he had vanished. Victor, you dick, if you’re reading my thoughts then know this, I will hunt you down and kill you. I thought.
“Well aren’t you pleasant?” He said through my head.