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Concert FAQ

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on October 19, 2012 - 8:28am

A lot of people on here have questions about gigs, and a while ago I compiled a list of information to form an FAQ. Whilst it was constructed with MCR in mind, it pretty much applies to any gig, so go ahead and read it!


How early should I get to the venue?

This depends upon where you are sitting/standing. If you are sitting, your seat is already allocated so it is guaranteed no matter what time you arrive (as long as you're not super late). If you’re standing, you need to decide whether you aim to get to the barrier or not. If you don’t want to get to the barrier, then again, it’s not really that important when you arrive. However, if you do want to get to the barrier, it’s advisable to arrive as early as you safely can. Do not arrive late and then push and shove people to get to the barrier!

- How early

What do I need to bring to queue overnight?

This is slightly dependent on the weather, but in most places it gets cold overnight regardless of the season. The main things to take are blankets, a sleeping bag, warm clothes, lots of food and drink, and things to do. You probably won't want to sleep - you'll be excited for the next day and want to talk with your new MCR friends. However, it's really important you try and sleep. You will need all the energy you have to stay standing at the barrier, and you'll have plenty of time to make friends during the daytime.

- Queueing Guide

How can I get to meet MCR?

Local radio stations/news websites etc might run Meet and Greet contests, but we all know how difficult it is to win one! You can sometimes meet the band by waiting by the buses/venue exit after a gig. Be warned though, there is no guarantee the band will come out, and if they do you will probably be waiting for them for a long time.

- How to get a M&G
- How to meet MCR

How should I act if I meet MCR?
You should treat them with the utmost respect. Do not scream, do not fangirl, do not ask inappropriate questions or scream inappropriate things, do not bang on the bus, and do not make them feel uncomfortable. Remember, they aren't getting paid to come out and meet you, they're doing it in their own personal time, so the least you can do is treat them respectfully.
Security will probably give you some information before they come out (for example, when I met them, we were told if anybody screamed or took videos/pictures of them, they'd go straight back in). Respect what security say, otherwise you risk ruining everybody else's chance of meeting them. Here's a really awesome guide to meeting your favourite band, written by members of bands:

- Meeting Musicians

Why didn’t the band come out to sign after I paid so much money to see them?

Because you paid for just that; to see them, and see them you did. MCR are not obliged to come out after their gig, and quite often they can’t due to circumstances beyond their control (they may have a concert the very next day that is a long way away or they may not feel very well). If you don’t read anything else in this thread, then please, please read this:

- Entitlement issues

What are mosh pits like at MCR concerts?

There is no simple answer for this question. We would all like to think that every fan is respectful of each other, but unfortunately at concerts this is not always the case. How bad the mosh pit gets will depend on the location, size of the venue, and the type of people that attend that particular gig. When you go to a gig, remember that if you elbow/push/bite/hurt other people, you’re spoiling it for that person. You do not deserve to be at the front any more than the next person, so don’t do it!

- A guide to moshing, mosh pits and crowd behaviour
- Concert Etiquette
- Are mosh pits bad at MCR concerts?

What time will MCR come onstage?

On the World Contamination tour, support acts generally started between 7-8pm, with MCR usually coming onstage at 9:15pm. It is normal for them to begin their set between 9pm to 9:30pm.

- Times

How long is their set?

The length of their set may differ from night to night and depending on the type of gig (festival, headlining tour, co-headlining tour etc). It usually lasts for around an hour and thirty minutes to two hours.

- Set
- HCT Set

How can I protect my belongings?

It’s recommendable to only take things with you that you don’t mind losing. If you’re in the standing area, it’s especially important to protect your belongings. Ladies, God gave us a gift called boobs. These are very useful for storing money and phones in. If you have boots on, you could tuck your money into your sock/boot. If you have a small shoulder bag/purse, you can put it under your top so it doesn’t fall off. Don’t take big bags into the standing area (unless you’re going to stand at the back); it annoys everybody!

- How to protect your phone during a show
- Where to store merch during a show

What should I/shouldn't I wear to an MCR concert?

Wear comfortable clothes, and preferably strong (flat) shoes. If you plan on waiting for the band afterwards, make sure you bring a warm hoodie (you can tie this around your waist during the gig). Do not wear heels, flip-flops or anything valuable.

- What to wear/not to wear to an MCR concert

Why aren't MCR playing my country/state?

Unfortunately, MCR can’t play everywhere. Do not blame MCR for this; it’s not their fault. The band have very little control over where they tour, and ultimately the record label wants them to play in locations that will earn enough money to be worth it.

- Is MCR’s touring unfair?

What merchandise can you buy on tour?

There is often a lot of merch sold on tour that is not available from their online store, so buy it while you can! Please be aware of people selling unofficial merch outside of the venue - this may be cheaper but it is not affiliated with the band or record label and no money or profit goes to the band at all (and whilst you may be convinved MCR are rolling in money, most profit a band makes come from their merchandise as explained in the following article by the singer of The Limousines).

- Reality vs mythology in the music business
- Merch

Can I take my raygun to the show?

NO! Do not take any rayguns to shows. They are classed as imitation weapons, and are likely to be confiscated (you can even be arrested for this in extreme cases). If you are still unsure, please make sure to contact the venue and ask.

- Rayguns at shows

How can I survive seeing MCR at a festival?

There is a very useful festival guide here:

- Festival survival guide

What’s the difference between seeing MCR in a big arena and a small venue?

I can’t answer that one since I’ve only seen them in big venues, but read this thread for useful advice:

- Big arenas vs small venues

Will the Tour Reporter continue for upcoming tours?

For parts of the World Contamintion Tour and Honda Civic Tour, fans had the opportunity to enter to become a tour reporter. As of 2012, no upcoming tours have been announced. If the tour reporter opportunity becomes available again it will be posted on and

- Tour Reporter

Can I bring my camera?

It's impossible to give one generic answer for this question. As a general rule, smaller "point-and-shoot" cameras are okay, but professional cameras are not allowed without a photo pass. Sometimes, the band, management, or venue will request that no cameras are allowed. The best thing you can do is phone the venue beforehand and ask them about their policy on cameras.

How can I survive my first concert?

Just try and follow the above (and below) advice!

- First Time Concert Advice

If you have any more questions or advice, post here!