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Trans Am: The Quest Continues...

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Gerard's picture
on March 29, 2009 - 2:08am
I've learned a lot this past week, I learned my friend LeVar Burton is on Twitter, I learned how to tie three different nautical knots, I learned who William Beckett was, and I've learned how hard it is to find a rust-free 1979 Trans Am in California, near Los Angeles, that isn't brown, gold, manual, or being sold by a diehard Burt Reynolds buff. But most importantly I've learned how awesome our fans are (which I secretly already knew) because of the amount of care people have taken to help me on my adventure, and sure, we haven't found it yet- but I'm gonna keep searching. Lets talk about some of the things we've seen... There's a great one on Ebay right now that was owned by David Carradine, and if you're going to want a Trans Am you're gonna want that one (Kung Fu Muthafucka!). But lets get real- I would be terrified to drive the thing for fear of so much as scratching the door on the curb. The thing's got 10,000 miles on it and I need something I don't have to drive like an old lady. It's also $mad chedda$ and my pockets don't run that deep- I got a baby on the way. There's a white one here in LA, with blue interior, that has pictures of it near a beach I believe. It's ok but it doesn't have T-tops, and I think I saw this particular car tooling around Hollywood and thought to myself- "That's kinda whack". So that's out. There are some on Craigslist but them shits are in bad shape if they aren't "Smokies" or "Goldies" Another one on Ebay, also kinda whack, has a big pink stripe down the center, not that I can't repaint it but the wheels are too "X-treeeeeem" and the whole thing feels like Pimp My Ride at Automart. No offense to the owner. A great Nocturne-Blue one about 320 miles north in a showroom I'm thinking of visiting, but I have a feeling if Bob and I drive 5+ hours to see this thing there's no way I'm going home without it and I don't know that it's "the one". The one in the picture is a 1980 Turbo Trans Am, which is a model I am open to, because it has a Phoenix on the hood SPITTING FIRE (a later addition to the design I think), and I believe a smaller engine, which means I may not win any races but I also won't be getting simply 4mpg like the 1979 with that big-ass "big-block" engine. It also looks kinda tight and broadens my search a little. I saw this one on Jay Leno's Garage and the owner had posted it but the car has sadly been sold **note this was not Jay Leno's car. If it was, I would try and call him up and be like "Hey man we played your show- could you let this car go out of your hangar?!" By the way if Mr. Leno reads this me and Bob would love to tour said hangar... So the search will continue...thanks for the help! xo g