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Gerard's picture
on February 1, 2009 - 8:51pm
I actually wish I had more pictures. I know Devin, who oversees all of our videos at Warner has a ton of great photos he took so I'm going to hit him up. I definitely thought I had way more than I do. I took this photo the last night of shooting, when we had finished earlier in the evening and the rest of the band had airplanes to catch home in time for Christmas. So I hopped out of my costume and back into my civilian clothes and just hung around the set, watching. Zack was shooting the exterior action of some punks assaulting a police officer, squad cars rolling up, patrons in a panic and scattering, really intense stuff. The whole while we were on this big empty avenue downtown, and it was completely shut down so we felt like the last people on Earth, kind of like driving really late at night. I think this marquee is still up actually.