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A Message From Gerard

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Gerard's picture
on August 25, 2008 - 12:00am

Hey guys,

Gerard here... I'm hanging out with Mikey in New Jersey, relaxing, drinking
coffee, talking comics, and getting ready to take a drive down south
tomorrow. I don't know what states I'm passing through but I know where I'm
heading. Don't worry, I've got a the Clockwork Orange audiobook, a Dr.
Pepper air-freshener, and a GPS so I don't get lost. We figured by now
everyone that's a fan of the band might be wondering what we're up to, what
we're planning, so I thought I'd write this letter and fill you all in.

We're living, decompressing- The Black Parade took over two years to tour
and six months to make so that's a lot of existing in a fictional world, and
we're just extremely happy to live in a real one for a while. One thing I
can let you know is that we're excited. Genuinely more excited than we have
ever been to be in this band, make some new music. And we have ALL been
writing new material in our own separate worlds... I started a week after I
got home, buying a good rig, an old Jag, and a bunch of pedals- just
searching for the next sound.

Bob is recovering well from his recent wrist surgery- exceedingly well
considering how risky the procedure can be. We're all really happy that when
he picks up the sticks again he won't be in the intense pain he was in
during the last year of touring. It's going to take him a while to
rehabilitate but knowing him, he will most likely be playing the drums
before the doctor says it's a good idea. He just loves playing, we all do.
Franks on the road with Leathermouth and Reggie and The Full Effect so you
should go see them and get spit on. I know Leathermouth doesn't have a
record out yet, but Frank gave it to me in Mexico and I can easily say it's
my favorite post-hardcore record of the year, so I know you will at least
enjoy the songs if you don't know the words.

One of the best parts of the last five months was getting to see Ray get
married and all of us be a part of the wedding. It was beautiful. I'm not
sure where the happy couple is right now but I am sure wherever they are,
they are really enjoying it. I have never seen him happier in my life. So we
made plans to get together soon and make some demos, see where our heads are
at, take it slow. If explosions happen in our heads right away who knows how
soon we could have a record out, we aren't in any rush but we get just as
anxious as you to find out what the next "thing" is going to be.

So that about wraps it up... I'm glad I could stop by for a chat, I think I
will do it more often. I'm writing more comics, writing more music, and
missing my wife right now. Oh, and I heard a rumor that I died in a car
accident. I didn't.