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"You ARE the Pickup Artist."

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Gerard's picture
on December 1, 2008 - 8:13pm
I gotta admit, I got the chills when I heard Mystery say that in last night's season finale of The Pickup Artist 2. I don't even know how I started watching this show it's first season. I think it may have had to do with the fact I was hooked on Rock Of Love and they would play this afterwards. I think that's a very old method that networks use called "piggy-backing", and would explain why shows like "How I met Your Mother" or "My Fair Brady" even make it to their 2nd seasons. But this show is quality. And even more interesting than the contestants, challenges, and the orange spray-tan club goers of Scottsdale, Arizona (of COURSE this is where the show is filmed) is Mystery's wardrobe. This is a man that knows how to take RISKS. Mind you, these aren't risks that I would ever take but you gotta respect a guy thats Ren-Faire from the neck down and fighter-pilot meets X-Games roadie from the neck up. With Gladiator boots. And can we talk about how likable this guy is? This is a man that eats his own cereal in the morning if you know what I'm saying. I felt that Simeon was a strong contender after the last few episodes, having clearly built up a momentum, and adopting a straw cowboy hat seemed to make a big difference. Did he win that in a reward challenge from Mystery? Like some sort of +5 Holy Avenger? (You PUA2 contestants know EXACTLY what I'm talking about) I also felt Matt was a strong player as well, but I felt they both should have been penalized for their continued use of the same openers in the finale. I would also like to point out that Matt's best friend, Chuck, on the previous episode, was not only totally fucking awesome, but also a really amazing comic book artist, who does a book Black Metal for Oni Press. I actually met Matt at the Eisners, as he was friends with Gabriel and had also taken home an Eisner for his comic. I found it interesting they made no mention of him being a comic artist in the episode, but I assumed Mystery felt this would have only hurt his chances in the club, although I feel "Hey I draw comics" is a much better opener than "My friends and I just completed a caper". But what do I know about this stuff? One of the reasons I like this show is the fact that it is the least competitive reality show on television. There is no drama, just dudes having each other's back, and they are genuinely sad when one of their competitors gets the axe. This is an emotional, life-changing journey for these dudes. The same cannot be said of Rock Of Love: Charm School or Paris Hilton's My New BFF. Lots of claws flying around. Charm School had it's worst episode yet last night, but then again how do you follow an episode where the ladies have degenerated to spitting and plate throwing, drunk the whole time (suprise!). And I back Sharon Osborne, she is fun to watch, but the sock puppet thing didn't hold me. Paris Hilton's New BFF we stopped watching after Kaylee got booted. That girl knew how to party, dress, live life, be fabulous. We think she would have made an excellent BFF. What's that leave? Bikini Corey? Please... Some of you may be asking yourselves, "Does reality T.V. make you dumber?" My answer to this is "Absolutely, yes". But I figured I should be okay for a little wile... xo G