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    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Black Parade, we will be releasing a special edition of the album on September 23 that includes the album plus 11 previously unreleased demos, rarities, and songs from The Black Parade recording sessions.

    Pre-order now to get an instant download of “The Five Of Us Are Dying (rough mix),” and early version of “Welcome To The Black Parade.”

    Album bundles including the vinyl, CD, and exclusive MCRX Flag are available at

    We, the members of MCR, dedicate this release to the memory of Craig Aaronson, our friend, our relentless champion, our A&R man.  He was appreciated, he was loved, he will be forever missed.


    1. The Five of Us Are Dying (rough mix)

    2. Kill All Your Friends (live demo)

    3. Party At The End Of The World (live demo)

    4. Mama (live demo)

    5. My Way Home Is Through You (live demo)

    6. Not That Kind Of Girl (live demo)

    7. House of Wolves, Version 1 (live demo)

    8. House of Wolves, Version 2 (live demo)

    9. Emily (rough mix)

    10. Disenchanted (live demo)

    11. All The Angels (live demo)


    You can also pre-order on the following services:

    iTunes -

    Google -

    Amazon -