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Yesterday was the weirdest day of school ever...

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xxThe Broken Heartxx's picture
on October 16, 2021 - 10:04pm

I woke up with a sore mouth (from the braces adjustment I got on Thursday), got ready, got on the school bus, and went to school. I was hoping to see the guy I met on Wednesday in the morning, but I couldn't find him anywhere on my school's campus. Then the bell rang and I walked to my chemistry class, which was pretty normal. In 2nd period, my English class had a substitute and I wrote a poem about my crush while eagerly waiting for lunch to see him again despite lunch not being until after 4th period. In 3rd period, I heard my awesome history teacher explaining how we can do his work at school or at home (although I'd rather do it at school considering how cool he is), and then the bell rings for 4th period with still no signs of my crush. It was kinda cold outside so I kept my hoodie on. Apparently the class had homework on 10/14, but I was at the orthodontist that day and for some reason, none of my study buddies contacted me about it. I had enough of my tooth pain, so I unzipped my backpack, hid the bottle of Motrin I took to school with me in my hoodie, and chugged it down in the girl's restroom downstairs. I did eat some cheese-its (with my back molars) and drank some water in class before I took it. The lunch bell finally rings, it was hot as hell outside, I met up with my crush (who showed me his CD and his CDs, including a copy of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge), exchanged phone numbers, and talked with him until the bell rang for 5th period. I was talking to one of my other friends about the guy I had a crush on, but he told me that my crush is gay. I was kinda disappointed that I just got friendzoned, but at least we can still be friends. I don't have any classes with him because he's in the 9th grade and I'm in the 10th, but at we can see each other at lunch.

Nothing happens in 6th period, but when the bell rang, I noticed my school bus wasn't there. It came late a few minutes later and I got on the school bus feeling calmer and happier than usual. I wasn't even annoyed by the annoying music they had playing on the radio (I forgot to bring my MP3 to school yesterday). It felt like I was high. Not the LSD kind of high, I'm talking about the kind of high you feel when your dentist gives you nitrous oxide where you're calm. I then got home and took a nap because I felt drowsy. When I woke up, I decided to listen to some music and when my mom got home from work, she found a pair of knee high Converse in a women's size 6 and ordered them for me before I went to bed.