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writing tropes that get me

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on May 22, 2020 - 7:41am

MY DEAR WRITERS AND CHARACTER CREATORS! may i present to you my list of character tropes, cliches and general personalities that i need to see more often in media because it's just. so. iconic.

1. the day i date someone is the day i die, but that doesn't mean i don't enjoy reading about /other/ people dating:

a) slow burns. my favorite type of romantic relationship building.
b) the chaotic couple the goes from arguing to kissing. maybe this is toxic (yes it is) but it's sooo entertaining.
c) unexpected couples. like someone really shy and nice and lovable and then someone super cool and annoying who hates everybody, and everyone's just like??? how does this work. but it's iconic.
d) the really cute stuff like both of them being really awkward at first and getting all flustered.
e) one character tryna be really hot and seductive and the other one just being like "no wtf are you doing"

2. i love iconic female characters and you should too:

a) we need more feminism, not the cringey kind, but actual feminism that's good and not toxic and shows that feminism means that ALL WOMEN are a team instead of that stupid crap people say about how girls shouldn't wear makeup bc of blah blah blah. like we really need empowering messages about women bc that's important.
b) really sweet, nice girls get me good every time.
c) the evolution of mean girl to nice girl 0o0
d) WOMEN WHO AREN'T MTV ATTRACTIVE! a lotta girlz aren't models so like gimme some representation. why can't she wear glasses? why can't she have a crappy haircut? why can't she be plus-size? and women should also be able to have personality traits that aren't stereotypical, like what if she's nerdy but isn't cool because of it? what if she's really tall? what if she has a big appetite? why does she always have to look and do things that people find attractive?
e) i like the idea of physically strong girls who are like really cool, like lifting her bf/gf on her shoulders omg.

3. teenage boys are annoying irl but in fiction holy crap are they fantastic:

a) timid/shy boys. where is the representation.
b) ohh my gosh my favorite stereotype in the world are dumb jocks or generally stupid lovable guys ohhh
c) the older brother. i love the whole teasing his sister and also the "touch her and i will kill you" to the new bf, or if he has a brother it's like making fun of him all the time but also looking out for him, like tough love.
d) nerdy boys get me so good, like the ones that are really smart and awkward ahahaha
e) good friend relationships between guys. i never see that unless they're gay for each other, but boys need friends, too. bonus if they have opposite personalities, like one is the golden boy who keeps everyone in check, then you got the chaotic one/comedy relief who sets fires in his garage, and then the one that's like really cool and chill

4. diversity does not mean a single black friend and i'd really love to see some of this more:

a) disabled characters. maybe they're in a wheelchair or lost an arm or something. like they don't even gotta be a main character. what if a girl has a little sister with a really disabling mental/physical disorder? not only are you adding more diversity, but ur also giving her a motivation for her goals.
b) LGBTQ. i've never seen a trans girl (mtf) in media that i can remember. or any other genders. there are also a lot of sexuality diversity in media that feels really forced. somebody plz do it right. also i hate the stupid "gay friend" because that's honestly offensive if you think about it because he/she shouldn't be defined by his/her sexuality. creating a character just to be gay is stupid and i hate it. they have a life and personality.
c) breaking the bad stereotypes about mental disorders. depression doesn't always mean cutting or suicide. it's different for everyone. autism doesn't mean you're a genius; it's a disorder not a superpower, and sometimes it's GOOD to talk about the bad things about different mental issues because it's TRUE and should absolutely not be romanticized! like social anxiety has been portrayed as a good or cute thing when it negatively affects people all the time. there are also millions of mental illnesses that are NEVER touched on that are really common.
d) characters never have physical illnesses unless it's a movie about cancer. what about the best friend who has cancer but still goes to school and hangs out? of course he's not able to do certain rigorous activities but what if he /doesn't/ die? what if he's just vibing, abusing the dress code with hats and arguing it's valid cuz he has cancer? like obviously don't underplay it but remember there's hope with it. they don't always die. make someone win over cancer. also other sickness, like the only one i ever see is athsma but what about stuff like diabetes and sickle cell? that happens to teenagers, too!
e) race. there are a crap ton of races out there. terms like "asian" are super broad. do some digging. chinese, japanese, korean? there are a LOT! same with latino/a, like they could be mexican, spanish, peurto rican, etc. i don't see a lot of middle-eastern characters (indian, arabic, etc) nor do i see native american characters. also think about their country of origin. they might be white but they also might be british, irish, italian, french, russian, etc. think about culture and religion and what languages they speak. there's a lot of diversity out there, and research is easy with the internet.

5. bonus tropes i love for any type of character:

a) a character who is usually one way and then acts the opposite for a specific reason. like a character that's really mean acting nice to someone. a character who's usually really chill reaching their breaking point. a timid character standing up for what they believe in. a tough character crying. a nice character snapping at someone.
b) any friendship dynamic is awesome because i like seeing characters that are close who aren't pressured into a romantic relationship. friend groups, best friends. also siblings relationships i die for.
c) any sort of deep moment with a character who's usually lighthearted or that we don't look into often. i don't like sympathy characters but i love the moments where we see into a character's struggle that we don't usually see because apparently i like getting hurt. like give me a deep moment, but don't do it often or else i'll get annoyed. it's a certain effect.
d) banter. because friends/siblings/people in general make fun of each other all the time and why do i never see that?? also yeah relationships aren't perfect so there's banter but then there's also REAL arguing. that hits different.
e) inside jokes between characters. i love it. it's so cute. just like whenever two characters have a "thing" throughout the story. bonus if one character is sad and doesn't respond to it like usual because that HURTS me.

so yeah that's all i have for today. obviously i got carried away because that was super long. my bad.