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Heath Petty's picture
on February 4, 2019 - 6:35am

What happened... We used to be so strong. What happened to the MCRmy? I met some of my best friends because of their love of this music, to see it all disappear... Guys, we need to bring this back! I don't want to lose my family, I can't lose another family. I've lost too much already, please, guys. This band inspired me, I'm creating my own, but I'm not losing this. MCR was there for me when literally no one else was. At night crying in my room with a blade pressed against my skin, the lyrics to disenchanted forced me to think about what I was doing. That was what caused me to put the damn blade down. That was what caused me to stop before I went too far. Y'all are my family, and no matter how distant, so is MCR. I am a member of the black parade, I am a Killjoy, I am a member of the MCRmy, and I am not giving up on my saviors because god dammit I'm stronger than that! When Gerard Way announced that My Chemical Romance was no more, his requests were that we were strong enough to do it without him and for us to keep MCR alive in our hearts. Why have so many forgotten and ignored that wish? I'm not giving up and neither should you guys! Guys, they might be coming back! I want to have an ARMY welcoming them! Right now, it's not MCRmy, it's just us few faithful fans, the few who were willing to stick to it to the end, who knew the power of Gerard Way's voice, Frank Iero and Mikey Way's guitars, Bob Bryar and James Dewees percussion, and of The entire fanbase/family supporting them! What happened to the black parade?! In the name of Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, and James Dewees, I ask you, bring the army back!!!