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woah its been a while.

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zzombieyum's picture
on November 23, 2021 - 5:22pm

i havent been online in for fucking ever. i have a cold and that sucks hard core. had to miss class today. the summer merch selling season ended in october so thats sad... but i have been picking up any shifts that come my way at the house of blues. i have been going to shows a lot too. mom jeans, turnover, beach bunny.... i went to a little venue on sunday, o'briens. it's a pretty cool place i like smaller venues.

the semester is ending super soon. im taking an anthropology course over the winter. in spring i'll be taking american history and constitution since 1865 (required), international women's cinema, intro to african art, and 3-D Design. it's a pretty solid line up. i'm taking four classes because im only taking three this semester and a) i dont get enough work and b) i just want to graduate already. these classes all sound like they have a ton of work though so we will see!

a big part of me has been thinking a ton about selling merch. i got paid $700 for one weekend because we get tips. if i did that even just one weekends.... and I LOVE it. it's a clear system and it's pretty easy once you get the set up and counting and get fast enough to keep the crowds moving. I like all the people I've worked with.

Honestly, I'd love to tour with a band and sell merch. i'd like to do exactly what i'm doing now though, just the front line work. i would not like to be the main merch manager. but if i was able to learn how to be the main merch manager that would be cool too. but i really like what i am doing right now.

i hope real people start posting again! sorry ive been mia for forever.