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Winters Bliss/Summer’s Beginning

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BlueBurnsBlack's picture
on March 15, 2020 - 2:39pm

( Intro/Poem ) In the wake of Determination we stand as one, together we to shall rise from the ashes as one.

Underneath the Gun in front of waiting eyes, we comprise our hearts, take on the world tonight. And we’ll carve our names into their bones.
No second chance Tonight. That’s not what we’re fighting for, that’s not what we’re fighting for, I won’t let this love die.

( Blog entry) So I’m talking to a few people, but I’m conflicted because one of them considers us in a relationship, but is a year older than me, and has a 4 year old ( Autistic child). Seeing as I live at home; and my mom is kinda strict I don’t know if she’d be comfortable with me dating a girl who already has children.

Then there’s a girl in Arizona who likes me who’s 33, but has no children.

Then I’m out here keeping my options open, and trying to talk to people on Dating Apps, such as OkCupid, PoF, Bumble, and what have you.

So I’m just super confused as to what I should do. I mean I like the girl with the kid as she doesn’t judge me for living at home, having Schizophrenia, or anything else.

But I also like the girl in Arizona cuz she has Schizophrenia or whatever also.

But then again the girl in Arizona I’d probably never meet. And the girl with a kid, lives with her ex until, she can get to a psychiatrist or whatever to get her Anxiety under control so she can come home. ( here to where I live).

So I’m just thinking should I try and find someone closer to me or wtf should I do???

I just kinda feel like either way both of these girls I’m never going to meet.