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The Wicked Outro

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Zurp's picture
on June 1, 2020 - 10:09pm

Take a glance
it's your last chance
the ship is sinking
time to dance
nationwide panic
no-one planned it
we're flying round
on a burning planet

at what you fucking wrought
look at what you have unleashed
wished the more that you had bought the more they were appeased
but no
it's time to go, to face the wicked outro

Staircase exit
you knew it existed
but fought it all away
now your pissed
cus the caviar
and fancy cars
and things you had to pay for
didn't take you so far

so take a look
at what you fucking did
look at your big mistake
these lives rested on you shoulders
but they were weak and couldn't handle the weight.

you lived like kings,
with all the shiny things
in lives much nicer than mine
but your privilege didn't give you wings
to fly away from consequence
no more whitewashed picket fence
you're left weak
without a defense

you cursed them all
to your fate.
to uphold your standing
you lived a life
not knowing, no-one reprimanding
so take a last look.
take one more fucking look
oh no
look at what you wrought
at what you brought
bow, and go
it is the wicked outro.