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we all are too dependent on this place

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on September 15, 2020 - 9:22pm

eh don’t worry i am too i had a small breakdown cause of this yesterday
so how are y’all?? doing ok i hope
school started last monday
it fucking sucks i cant understand anything and i hate it
there’s a cute guy who speaks english that i’m sort of friends with though
except i’m not out
so i keep having to reintroduce myself as a girl
it makes me happy that people can’t figure out my gender cause neither can i, this means i passed
but i can’t say shit about it
just gotta remember i need to feel free doing whatever i want and wearing what i want because fuck society i don’t owe them stereotypical gender norms
next week i’m gonna try to come out to them as pan to see how they react
this is a fairly leftist school for romania but like you can’t even fucken dye your hair the principal is still old so who knows how they’ll take it
i’ve been putting a small garden trans flag in my backpack for three days now and nothing
that’s about it for my rant have a good day and drink water