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sophisakilljoy's picture
on September 16, 2020 - 9:37am

i dont know.. i just hate everything about myself. i hate the way my body looks, my face doesnt look right, i just hate the way i look. i hate my personality, because it isnt good enough. all my friends dropped me when i started listening to more rock, metal, and alt. everyone makes fun of me because im 'antisocial'. im not even antisocial! i talk with plenty of people! is it because i dress in back so they immedietly assume i am? even the guy i love makes me feel like shit. he always comments on how bad i look, he makes fun of my music, and makes fun of the fact that im slightly introverted. if im not even good enough for him, am i good enough at all?? everyone irl that i know hates me. im not even kidding, not a single person i have met irl likes me at all. without the people on this website, and some fan accounts on instagram, i wouldnt have anyone. not even my parents can love or accept me. i hate the fact that im questioning my sexuality. i hate the fact that im not perfect. i hate the way my voice sounds when i sing. i hate the freckles on my damn face. i hate the fact that i can barely play guitar. i hate the fact that i cant do my eyeliner right. i hate the fact that my hands are small. i hate myself so fucking much. i just hate it all.

im sorry, i just needed an outlet to get this out. sorry you guys had to read it.
i love you all, and i dont want you guys to feel the way im feeling, so if you ever need to vent to me, just reach out. <3<3

xo, soph