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Vacation #2 Summers End/Winters Bliss

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BlueBurnsBlack's picture
on July 23, 2019 - 4:58am

Well I leave for Texas on Thursday at 1PM. I’ll be there till Tuesday next week. I’ll be at the Largest Waterpark in the US for like 4/5 days. I’m super excited. I also have a Girlfriend now; who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I really want to meet her, (we haven’t yet) but I have a picture and I’ve heard her voice, and she is really cute.

Anyways summer is almost over, and I feel like I spent most of it, at fucking work. Like I had a week for Memorial Day Weekend; at the Beach. So that was fun, and I’ll have 4 or 5 days this week.... but I feel like I didn’t really do anything this summer, other than work, or play video games and sleep.

Like I maybe went to the neighborhood pool, like 5 times total

But I want to say it’s open, until Labor Day this year.

All the kids go back to school, August 1st here. So I’ll have to be careful, and drive slowly.

I’ve already had a wreck in my car, had $8500 worth of Internal damage. ( like Engine and Radiator) and the Steering was off. As well the Airbag deployed....

I was ok after the wreck, no injuries to me, or the person I wrecked into.

But I was a little shocked. I wasn’t fully awake, and was trying to keep my dog from climbing into the front seat, from the back of my car.

Slammed into a car at like 40MPH.

Other than that, my car has been repaired; and the steering is a lot tighter, and easier to drive.

But I don’t want any speeding tickets, or another wreck. So as soon as school starts, I’ll drive super slow and cautious....

But I also feel like as soon as school starts, they’re going to make me work more, for the holiday rush around Halloween/ Thanksgiving, all the way through Christmas.....

And maybe a little for Valentines and Easter.....

But other than those few Holiday Rush time frames, they will have me working normal.

I am ready for Fall/Winter though, so I can watch College Football, and Pro football.

But I’m not ready for the Cold ass weather, and freezing to death.