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Update on Life

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BlueBurnsBlack's picture
on March 4, 2018 - 5:46am

OK here is post #2

Soooo Other than my rant I just posted things are going well. I got a new puppy after I got out of the Hospital on the 9th of February.

I think he came home around Valentine's day?

So I was totally surprised by a new puppy.

His name is Bentley and he is a Golden Retriever.[ he will be my 2nd and replacing my older Golden Autumn after she dies. :'( ]

My old girl is 12 years old and in really bad health.

So I'm happy with my little pup.

Also I put in an application to Kroger back in January? or something like that, I now am waiting for them to call me back and say my background check has passed.

( they didn't drug screen me) LOL. But I'm pretty sure I will get the job.

I will be a Grocery Stock Clerk/ Replenishment Specialist.

( so my job duty would be to fill the shelves with Grocery Items, and Fill the On sale Items that are low on the shelves.)

They told me when I had my in person interview that it would be 4-6 Hours Shifts 3/4 Days a week.

So that works really well with me because I told them I looking for a max of 20 Hours a week, Part Time Job,

They guy who Interviewed me was really nice, and the lady who did my paper work was really nice too.

They said that they are flexible with there hours, and stuff and I put down I can't work overnight shifts; and they were very accepting of that factor.

I think I will like this Grocery Store better than the last one.

( the Store Manager there was an Asshole)

But this Store is a Different Company.

So Hopefully it all goes well.

Also it's been a little over 8 years since I joined this website.

LOOOL I'm an old timer now hahaha, I was 18 and a Senior in High School when I found this website.

I used to log on in School on the computers in the class rooms ( I was in a private Alternative School, based out of Public School) and this website wasn't blocked so I used to log in and blog every day.

Now I just log in and lurk and read other peoples blogs.

Well Spring is here in the south of the us.

Pollen is kicking my ass with allergies.