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Update I guess

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BlueBurnsBlack's picture
on April 5, 2020 - 9:03am

Well I guess no one really read my last post however long ago I posted that....

Anyways there’s 2 Girls I like, they’re both 29, I’m 28.

One has a 4 year old ( Non Verbal) Autistic son, the other has no children.

I will call them B and K.

B has the child K doesn’t. B lives in Pennsylvania with her ex, because she has super bad anxiety, and can’t travel on a plane because of the anxiety. I like both girls, but B considers us as dating...

K lives where I live, and we aren’t really dating; but we are talking to each other and want to meet each other.

However with the stupid Corona; we can’t do shit.

B is super sexual towards me, and always talks about wanting to have sex with me.

K is a Christian and a Conservative like I am, so I feel a connection there. B is a Christian I think??? But idk what to think about her....

Sooooo yeah I’m just trying to think things through and figure it out as I go.....