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untitled...because I wish I had that song on the new MCRX album. :P

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msunevershouldeverknow's picture
on October 7, 2016 - 7:37pm

Mrs. Corrigan, thanks for the new reply on my post from a few days back. Yeah, having yet another one of those days where I fear I messed up by either my words or my actions. (And I was doing SO GOOD too!..haha kindalike charbars recent post. Hey my friend!

Ok, I don't really lie singling people out in my posts, but I dont really mind when others do it to me, so I hope y'all dont mind me. Um, so where was I?

oh yes, doing stupid stuff. Not really, but idk. I am afraid again. But rather than dwell and make things worse, welli came here (haha so sorry! :P ) No because I know it's safe here. Heck, iknow it's safe in my other places, well but I am missing a friend right now, and also, thattroublesome person from lastweek, oh well that person I am done with. Ugh! Well, I still havehope, but I am ignoring her, sortof. Not talking anyway.

Anyway, justbeen in my headtoo much lately, but all this stupid stuff I keep doing doesn't help my conscious and with being less self conscious. Aye! But again, I'm not really stupid. Ok, I justremoved myself from a situation without explanation, or kindof a hurried one, and well...well, I just fear waking up to disaster...u know, like last week's post.

I really want to get out of this loop! I keep getting a step ahead everytime, but I justhavethis fear that my chances are running out! (People makin me crazy) . Well, as I said, not gonna dwell. Gonna just try to stay positive.

oh! Speaking of positive...well first, happy smile day folks! :D but also, I watched Coraline FINALLY after sooo many years! And it wasgreat! And I adore Dakota Fanning and the "chesire cat", as I call him. Hmm :)

Well, that's enough from me. Goodnight folks!