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unsettling google classroom titles (tw? idek)

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opal_rose's picture
on October 17, 2020 - 8:28pm

so i'm on my school's speech team, and one of our novice directors put an assignment on the google classroom to remind us to finish cutting down our pieces for tuesday.
the assignment was called "cutting!"
it was so incredibly unsettling for me to see that one word alone, with an exclamation point, all excited, every time i opened my google classroom, even though that sounds stupid. (i think you can deduct why it was unsettling)

i filled out this anonymous feedback form that we were given to give feedback to the novice directors though, asking them to change the name, and they did! they changed it to "piece cutting!" which although it's a really stupid change to have asked for, honestly makes a huge difference for me. just seeing that word, so excited, so happy and cheerful... it wasn't fun.

also i indicated on the form that i didn't want it to turn into a larger team discussion, because i don't want them finding out it was me who sent in the form, i wouldn't want them to know about that part of my life, or worry about me or anything.