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msunevershouldeverknow's picture
on February 2, 2016 - 8:27am


ok, so here's the light. Well, I always knew in my heart that I would be consoled, I always am, but I kept on thinking sad thoughts for like 10 minutes. Of course I prayed for my cousin and all that family's well being and that things get better, and I know they will, but I had forgotten the simple prayer that is to be said when one has a bad dream or has any kind of sad or angry or I guess, otherwise, irrational or purely emotional thoughts (sorry, missing the best word here). Anyway, I had finally remembered to say it and here's the good part, I kid you not, the second I finished my third recitation, ALL the pain was gone! I couldn't shed another tear, I couldn't even go back to those thoughts, and I really did try. It's just that this prayer is so powerful, my whole body became so relaxed and calm and at peace, I couldn't be anywhere else. Forgive me but I justhave to shout, well "shout", God is Great!!

why do I share this? Because I hear a lot of things on this site, sometimes familiar things, sometimes things I can juat relate to. We all experience pain but, had I known the things I know now, like this prayer, life would've been a lot better for me back then....Perhaps, I had to live it though in order to understand it, to appreciate this gift now...I know I can't reach, touch, affect everybody, but I hope that I can share some hope and possibly help someone....

Someone... that reminds other favorite song for its beautiful lyrics, the untitled song or those words,

Someone out there loves you after all

and in my belief, that someone is always "the man upstairs". We love but when we love, sometimes it hurts. He loves without any strain or pain, that is how He can love so many, that is how He can love those nobody else loves. I've been blessed with friends here on earth, but I've realized that no one is perfect and no one is everlasting (with us physically)...but my faith tells me that God is always there, and will always love me/us. Whether you share this with me or not, I am and hope to always be comforted by this love.

Peace and love to you all! Have a great day!