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msunevershouldeverknow's picture
on October 29, 2016 - 1:00pm

well, I think Parachutes is what brought me here, I think. I stayed up 'till past midnight to listen. (I still can't believe everything is released digitally and online these days. It's nice though!) Yeah, I listened to it all. I REALLY liked a few songs. I will definitely be listening again.

And, as I have been saying all year, I can't wait to hear Ray's new stuff! Oh! there was a spectacular interview I read the other day. (I just love Ray! Well, I love them all, but let's give Ray some special love righ tnow. ;) )

Um, what else? I feel like there has been lots going on this past week and yet I'm at a complete loss of words at the moment. ...

Oh! well, more music topics. So I listened to Green Day's Revolution Radio (did I say it right THIS time?? ugh, i keep messing it up, although I'm sure if I listen to the title song, I'll get it soon enough). I actually REALLY was impressed with this one!

And well, it's kinda old news now, but as you may or may not know, I really like Korn. And I have been excited over their new album too!

Soo, the question is, I mean with all of this stuff available online, what do I actually buy!? I'm definitely getting Ray's. Then I'll have something of all the former members. I really want Korn, but....

oh, because there's all the Smashing Pumpkins stuff...and/or 90s albums that I've been reliving that I might want a phsyical idk. Yeah, well, maybe I'll get Mellon Collie back from my bro...ha!

anyway...well, laterz y'all! <3