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A sort of intro I guess...

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Kowake's picture
on November 26, 2018 - 8:01pm

I just made my profile for this website. It's a bit sad but I didn't get really into MCR until after the breakup. I really wish I could see MCR in concert. At least just once before I die. Anyways my favorite album is Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and my favorite song right now is Cemetery Drive. MCR has truly helped me more than anyone or anything. I seem to connect to their music more than anyone has been able to connect to me. I doubt that any of the members of My Chemical Romance will see this, but I would really like to tell them thank you. For all they have done. For getting me through so much. Though they may be disbanded, My Chemical Romance will forever live in my heart, and I think the same goes for everyone else here.