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Solar Cyanide part two

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solar.cyanide's picture
on March 25, 2020 - 10:43pm

Description and a bit more story ‘cause why not. Also I really love 1965 red mustang convertibles, they’re so cool. Oh, and sorry for any typos. Anyways let’s just start shall we?-

Copper Bullet and Acid Tequila where the best mentors I could ask for.

They became my parents and taught me everything there is to being a Killjoy. We lived out in Zone Five where they made and traded weapons for food and other supplies. Bullet taught me how to shoot while Tequila taught me how to drive. I left ‘em three years ago when I was fourteen to go roam the desert. They’re still alive luckily and make the best weapons in all of the zones.

When I turned eleven Bullet gave me my own ray gun. He said he made it using metal from his and Tequila’s old ray guns so even if they got ghosted they’d still be with me.. the corny little shit. I love that ray gun more than anything though and still use it today. It’s black with red, orange, yellow, and pink streaks. Tequila’s present to me was my mask. It’s an old Black Plague mask. On it a sun is painted in bright yellow and red, over it are two syringes forming an x in pink and yellow. If you haven’t realized it yet, my color scheme is black, red, orange, yellow, and pink.

My eyes are a boring shade of brown, not that you see them with my mask on. My hair goes to my shoulders and is fairly wavey. Of course, it’s dyed black. I wear tight black jeans with a holster around my thigh for my blaster. I usually wear a bright crop top under my black leather jacket. Because everything has to somehow have or be black. On the back is my sign, the sun with syringes.

When I was fourteen, I got an old 1965 red mustang convertible from Tequila and became a motorbaby. I’ve always been one since then and only stop for supplies or to occasionally catch up with Bullet and Tequila. Gotta go now everyone, I’ll see you all out in the zones.

(Thanks to everyone who read this far, sorry if it sucked xd)