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So ya i won't sleep tonigth

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Sweet_Phantom's picture
on May 21, 2020 - 11:02pm

How should i begin ? To Much thing happen in two hours.....

Here is 1h40 am. One of my Little brother as gone to see his friends all day long. We don't have any news from him. The supper arrice, still not home, 10 h00 pm still not home. I really start to panicking, and then my sister got a call from him, he was drunk, like drunk drunk. It was the worst thing i have seen in my life, seen my Little Brother ( only 16 year old) drunk at the point of vomitting and pass out, made me cry. I just cannot control my emotion. I cannot be strong like my big brother or even my Little sister do, i saw him and start to cry and yell to myself : why ?? Why Do you do this to yourself? Why? ????? My feeling was mess up, but i don't really pay attention what i was paying attention at my little brother, watch his every move. Me and my sister we watch him about 1 jours straight. My sister was about to sleep when he vomit again but this time all over the floor and his bed. But he was unable to wake up. I keep my burry my feeling and emotion.
But My big Brother came home around mindnight and notice the lights. He was able to move my little brother so that me and my sister can clean all this. By the time we doing this big Brother take care of little brother . Big Brother made a bed in the bathroom, we all keep an eyes on him few min and then he fall alseep. He stop vomit so i guess this is a good sign
For now, he sleep in the bathroom, i keep my door open just to have an eyes on him, because i am really terriefied that he could choke on is own vomit.
And now ? While a was writing this the Time fly. Now is : 2h00 am feeling tired, but scare to sleep, feeling confuse, sad, angry, all confuse emotion.
I am not gonna sleep tonight i just cannot, i guess i am gonna to listen to some music
So long and goodnight.