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So... its over...

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T̸̡͙҇͂̓̔h̵̨̛̠̀̀̔e̵̬͗͜͡ N̵̡̛͚̖̑ơ̴͇̟͚͗̃̀͢ǐ̸̛̬̥̌͢r̷̢̭̳͆̈́̕'s picture
on August 16, 2019 - 3:46pm

I did it. I ended the 5 month relationship.
Our relationship now is just "friends" so yeah. i had to do it partially in person partially in text but the in text part was very slight because i just had to tell him i needed to talk to him. so something strange though, i dont know if this is normal, but i didnt feel anything. like after i told him, i just didnt feel emotion. like at all. i felt like i wanted to cry but not because i was sad or happy just.... to cry.

He said yeah we need to take a break and i said, no you dont understand i dont want to be in a relationship with you. Not for a long time at least.
And another thing, i think it happened mostly because i changed a lot over the summer and he wasnt there to adjust to that so he was really dumbstruck by it when he came back and he didnt know how to deal with it so basically, we were no longer "compatible".

To be completely honest, im okay. well mostly. i havent eaten since yesterday. wait thats a lie i had ice cream but that was just a thing i ate to let my mom see me eat something. and im not hungry at all. i dont know what it is. i know its partially anxiety and some depression but im taking my meds so hopefully ill be good.

ps it wont let me add pictures anymore no idea wh so any ideas on that let me know.