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So far, so strange.

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maevasins's picture
on November 8, 2019 - 11:13am

I am very new to all of this blog stuff, so bare with me please.
I am at a strange section of my life. I am entering adulthood. And to say that things are going very fast is an understatement.
I just recently stopped going to school, as i've had a lot of issues for the past ten years with the education system. Going to school with a mental illness is not the most fun activity. It prevented me from learning the correct way despite being identified as a "gifted child" way back when i was only 3. It also exposed me more as an outcast. The kids are cruel. Some of the things they've done to me are still haunting me, years later.
So i just pulled myself out of it. I did, and still want to go to college. I didn't give that up in the chaos.
But for the moment, those projects are sleeping soundly in the back of my brain.
Without any experience whatsoever of the "adult life", i am lauching myself into a new chapter. I did have exemples of what could happen, but never really took time to understand it. I've always been a dreamer, not really looking at the road but its surroundings. For exemple, i am obsessed with forests. I picture them in my brain, big trees almost touching the grey sky they're under. I am not too fond of sunny landscapes.
Recently, it as been harder than ever to think past the dreams. It's easy to loose hope in front of something you don't quite understand. I think it's generally what my whole life has been. Dreaming is just a coping mechanism. And cigarettes too.

Thankfully, My Chem is back in town. I hope you guys will tour europe, as you have many, many fans waiting for your return here. Can't wait to hear what you guys have in store for us.