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So a Birthday and an AWOL concert

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tothestratosphere's picture
on December 9, 2016 - 10:42am

So this passed sunday was my birthday! yay! Happy Bday to me again! ( like five days later). So that day was pretty good. My family visited, and I received gifts, and had two cakes. To be honest, the gifts were not big or expensive. But I truly appreciate all of them, and the fact that my 'family' showed up in the first place. See, my family is pretty weird, I think. We are not the types to like really show how we feel. So having them show up, congratulate me and with presents, well to be honest I was surprised. But I am really appreciative of the fact that they did. On Tuesday, I got to go see AWOLNation in concert. They were awesome, (only reason I went to the concert, there were other bands playing that night). I was stuck in traffic for like fifteen minutes but I arrived just in time for their set. Aaron is sooo cute. I think his big blue(I think they are blue) eyes are cute. Anyways, so after their set I left and started my thirty minute drive back home. and that was that.