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sleep please

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zzombieyum's picture
on June 24, 2019 - 5:55am

im so tiered
i honestly feel sick with sleepyness'
in cleass
were just doing work in class like we do every other fucking class...
i think i found a roommate for the fall. her name is Anne.
i just want to go hoooooommmmmmeee
i already finished the power point we're working on anyways...
i almost didnt come to class to begin with.
this is my last week of class.after this class I have NOTHING on my schedule until i move into my dorm. i have very occasinal things but that is it.
made my power point on making diy patches so thats pretty cool.
still another hour and 20 mins left of class. but sometimes he lets us out early. especially with inclass work days.
it's 9 o'clock in the morning... sure wish i was snoring.... this is really boring.....
thats my poem. hope you fellas like it.
we found 3 houses we REALLY like yesterday. 2 antique houses from 1800's and one modern house thats really weired and funky!
until next time my loves