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School is killing me

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xxThe Broken Heartxx's picture
on September 21, 2021 - 6:33pm

Ever since I started the 10th grade on 8/23/2021, I have only been getting 7 hours of sleep (at most), my teachers are bombarding me with work, I have my own personal problems to deal with, and as of 9/21, I have a little cold, which fucking sucks. I woke up earlier than usual (at 4:30 am instead of 6 am) because my nose was blocked, and I bumped my nose ring into my septum a few times (which was painful, as you can imagine). At least I got home earlier than usual today because one kid's parent picked them up from school instead of the kid taking the school bus as the kid usually does, and my apartment is on the other side of town from my school, which means it normally takes 40 fucking minutes to drop those 3 other people off before I can finally open the door and relax in my own bed before I do the Mount Everest sized pile of work my teachers assigned to me. I got lucky and was home before 3:20 today. There's also the fact that my asshole 5th period gym teacher likes to crush student's spirits during pointless exercise, and today he lectured us about mask wearing for the 5,003rd time and explaining how the virus infects a person's body and how it starts in the nose and can slowly kill you (it's a good thing I'm fully vaccinated) and then he made us do useless exercises such as stupid stretches and boring running (although I usually just jog for that part). Finally, my 4th period computers teacher gave the class homework about base 2, base 10, and base 16 conversions that I have to do tonight, but I'm thinking of doing it tomorrow during my other classes because I feel like crap right now. I'm surprised I'm in decent shape despite all the stress and sleep deprivation.