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A Return

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Deadbeat nd Killjoy's picture
on December 2, 2019 - 9:23pm

This is the first time I've logged into this account since 2014, according to my last update. A lot has changed to say the least, its still a bit crazy to think this is where we are as a whole, much less individually.

Honestly, I didn't think I would still be alive this far into the future, and I dived back into MCR here and there through the years, making a new dedicated Spotify playlist back in March, idk, this is weird. But comforting. Being back feels almost like coming home after having moved out to a new city, apartment to apartment, only to come back to your childhood home, to your old room. Sure things have changes, but its still... your room.

I can't say I'll go through my old posts, I don't think I'm strong enough to make myself go through that. The thought of it alone makes me cringe a little. But you know what? That's a by-product of a young, alone girl who was bullied by family and friends alike, who just enjyoed the things she did, some stupid little band. And looking back at it, it's not stupid, because it was a life line.

I may cave and read a few, but I'll at least know the old me was doing what she could.

So yeah, this may or may not be an actual return for me. But it is A Return.

-Formerly some stupid name, a Killjoy name, and god knows what else, now just Karina, or Fog. Not that it matters all that much