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Pray for USA

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Sweet_Phantom's picture
on June 2, 2020 - 7:49am

I'm devastating about what happen in the world, especially in the USA

How in 2020 people stil racism ? How can happen ? I-
i was so chock when I saw the video

How the cops cannot feel anything ? George was saying : I can't breath, I can't breath
I think that yesterday I had a mental breakdown idk, but I cry for a long time. I go straight my hair put some music
Helena start to play
Again tear was falling and I choke an my own breath, my tummy was hurting like hell. I wanna scream too, scream pain to the world.
I don't understand how people like this cops can be so cruel.
I close my eyes and fall down, knees to floor feeling my lung burning. I was feeling defeat by the life.

From a Canadian:
I wish for the protestant and protester, protection.
I heard your pain
i will be here with you
together will be more strong than the gouvernement
together we can change the world
Stay strong USA

I won't hide anymore, my voice will be heard