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Post 4th of July.

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BlueBurnsBlack's picture
on July 5, 2020 - 7:14pm

So yeah the 4th of July is like my favorite holiday, but it just didn’t really feel like the 4th this year.

With all this Corona, and other bullshit going on.

We didn’t have our family gathering for the 4th, like we always do every year. We didn’t shoot off Fireworks, and I almost always do.

I watched a few neighbors shoot them off though, but I just didn’t feel like blowing up 40 single shot Mortar shells. Wasn’t worth it.

I just kinda feel like this year has been a complete disappointment, and disaster.

But in no way am I saying anything about politics here. ( at least I’m not trying to), but yeah I really wish we could get a redo of 2020.

This whole year has been absolute shit; and it’s all because some stupid scientists in China released a deadly disease; into the public and it was being carried by a bat, that some idiot in China ate; who then decided it’d be smart, to fly to America, and then spread the disease to Americans; who then in turn traveled to other countries; thus spreading this disease GLOBALLY.

Sorry had to minny rant there. But yeah Everything about this year has totally sucked.