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positive body image! and lonely...

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zzombieyum's picture
on April 23, 2019 - 10:22am

hey guys

im doing much better now. i tried the hill center's partial, but it didn't work out.

now im about to go get my body hair ripped out. i've actually been feeling very good about my body recently. i got a very tight dress that i like a lot and i actually like the way my tummy sticks out a little bit in it. and ive found a new adjective to describe myself - pretty. and im very proud of that.

i have a slight problem. I don't really have any fuck buddies or a partner right now. it makes me feel kind of bad about myself. like, am i unlovable? i like my body right now, but does anyone else? im tempted to post pictures online but i feel like thats a bad idea... i wish i had a partner.someone who could consistently remind me i am lovable, beautiful, and keep me company. like a companion. i hardly have friends to hang out with because of their work and school.

i start work again tomorrow. im working three shifts a week right now. im trying to save for an apartment. ill need to get a second job, but first i;ll need to establish stability.

im so tiered . not sure why. maybe its emotional exhaustion. maybe it's from bordom.maybe it's from lack of stimulation. i feel like i can't create anything right now. i just dont have the inspiration or ideas. even . doodling is challenging.

im considering signing up for the summer semester. but then it would be hard to work two jobs. but i dont want to get sucked into a life of retail. i still desperately want to be a social worker.

that's about all i have to say. i need to leave soon anyways

sending hugs to all of you x