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A Poem I wrote in class about homecoming

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xxThe Broken Heartxx's picture
on October 5, 2021 - 10:39pm

It sounds more like a song, but oh well:

It's finally October,
My absolute favorite time of the year,
But unfortunately for me,
The homecoming is coming up

It would be a real pain for me,
I really don't want to go,
I'm not one of the preps or the jocks,
I'm just a girl who listens to punk rock,

There will be stupid music,
Created by people who can't sing,
I'll have to wear a fancy dress,
I just hope it's in the color black,
And don't forget about the heels,
Or the blisters I'll get,

Say it with me,
Homecoming is such a stupid event,
Stupid, stupid, stupid,
No better way to say it than that,
And don't forget the pep rallies,
That make my ears want to bleed,

It's a dance full of misery,
Full of anger,
Full of anxiety,
Full of regret,
Let's just say it will be hell,

The punch tastes like crap,
I'm tired of hearing you brats,
Just whining about some more stupid crap,

While I'm over here,
Trying to make my way out of here,
And just disappear for the night,

That's how I feel about homecoming,
And maybe you will too,
Say it with me,
Homecoming is stupid, stupid, stupid,
And the football game is just as lame,

Finally we have the kings and queens,
Then the princes and princesses,
And some more I forgot about too,
But at the end of the day,
They're all popular snobs,

I'd rather be at the delayed MCR concert,
Or just locking myself in my room,
Just listening to Falling In Reverse,
Not at some stupid event,
That I'll surely regret,

So come on and say it with me,
Homecoming is stupid, stupid, stupid,
Most pointless event of the year,
Stupid, stupid, stupid,
Even dumber than Valentine's Day,
Stupid, stupid, stupid,
And you damn well know it too,
Stupid, stupid, stupid,
Homecoming is pretty fucking stupid!!!,

Come on now,
We all know homecoming is boring and lame.

And that's the long poem I wrote on a separate sheet of paper in my English class today.