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Part 1 introduction

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T̸̡͙҇͂̓̔h̵̨̛̠̀̀̔e̵̬͗͜͡ N̵̡̛͚̖̑ơ̴͇̟͚͗̃̀͢ǐ̸̛̬̥̌͢r̷̢̭̳͆̈́̕'s picture
on September 7, 2019 - 8:10pm

X: Right... so my name is Xander. well most of the time. I kind of have multiple people inhabiting my body. I'm the original, and it all basically started when i almost died.

I was 15. Some of my friends had been invited to my friend Jasper's party. Basically it was just four of us spending the night at his house doing stupid shit. I was the last to actually get to his house since i live on the outskirts of town. When i got there, Damien, Cole, and Jasper were in his backyard attempting trick jumps on his trampoline. We messed around for a while, mostly just eating and watching YouTube in his room until Jasper came up with an idea.
"We should make a Ouija board. I saw a video on how to make one." We all were somewhat excited about it. none of us were really superstitious.
He got the things that the poor quality video told him he needed. He drew the words hello and goodbye, rather shakily, along with the alphabet, yes, no, and the numbers 0-9 on a piece of cardboard. He went to the kitchen and got a glass cup to use as the planchette.

"So what are the rules?" Cole asked. He's the most innocent of the group.
"Basically, dont take your hands off the planchette before you way goodbye. Also you shouldn't play alone. And also, stay serious if you do contact any spirits. if you disrespect the spirits you will anger them. Always close the session with goodbye before leaving." i told him. I was reading what a website that investigates the paranormal said on the topic.

"whatever lets just start already." Jasper said. He's always been the most rebellious of us.

"Why the hell are we doing this shit anyways?" Damien asked. He hates everyone and everything, but he's funny so we keep him around. Also he knows too much about us at this point to get rid of him.

"ok everyone that is playing needs to put two fingers on the cup." Jasper tells us. All of us circle around the cardboard, putting two fingers on the cup. We move it in a circle one time per person (4) and move it to the center.
"who wants to go first?" i ask, smiling around the circle anxiously. No one speaks up, so i read what the website recommends saying and begin the session. "Are there an spirits here who wish to talk to us?"
The planchette doesn't move for a few seconds, then slowly moves towards yes. We all stare at each other, contemplating who could have moved it. Then, it moves towards hello.

"ok.... who wants to ask it something?" Cole says.

"Me!" Jasper says. "what's your name?" He asks. The planchette slowly moves from "b" to "l" and so on and so forth until it spells out "blade".
"Blade?" Damien asks. The planchette moves towards yes. "woah." he says.

"when did you die?" Damien asks with no remorse or sensitivity. The planchette doesnt move,
"Dude, it said respect the spirits!" I tell him. He scoffs and takes his hands off the cup.
"Nothing is going to happen! Its a piece of cardboard with some marker and a glass cup on it! There is no spirit!" He yells, throwing the cup at a wall, shattering it.
The board bursts into flames, as the door slams shut and the lights go out.

[until next upload! :)]