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Parasite Princess Desc (basically looks like me but shhh)

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coloredhairdontcare's picture
on March 25, 2020 - 9:33pm

You wanna know what I look like? Sugar i'm right in front of you.. fine. well, here it goes.

I got my hair on one side down to near the bottom of my neck, but most a the time it comes up a little bit higher because its wavy, the other side is near shaved, but theres still hair there, ya feel? i keep that my natural color, the rest is bright blue, because why not.

i got paler skin for someone out in the zones, but thats cause im mostly inside, and freckles that i kind of hate. Brown eyes, and glasses but i don't wear them when im fighting or dancing. they get in the way.

i mostly wear my parasite princess sign shirt one of my girls made me, my mom's white (pretty bedazzled if you ask me) leather jacket, and a black miniskirt, because i look cute and why not, right? I wear fishnets, they used to be cute but now theyre really ripped. cant tell if its punk or trashy.

im lucky, as im more well fed than most of us, thicker you know, but thats cause i got a friend out in a midwest base. they got loads of real meat. contact a certain miss Light Night for food, theres a route out west if you get far enough with a functioning post office. they know her.

i'm out of time tonight, le mie piccole zucche, sweet dreams.