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Oh my freaking lord

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Niko cannot even's picture
on September 27, 2020 - 8:38pm

My dad wants me to have a mother-daughter relationship with his girlfriend, of about 7 maybe 8 years. My dad said that because me and my sister, who do a lot of the chores over there, do 'nothing' him and his girlfriend might break-up and it's our fault. So he told me she thinks we'll never have a mother-daughter relationship. Well, she honestly doesn't deserve one, she has called me the most disrespectful child ever, when I thought I was pan she yelled 'so no one's safe?!', she threw away my sock-monkey stuffed animal (or in other words my childhood), plus she's literally called me awful right to my face. She's a bitch and doesn't deserve to have a mother-daughter relationship with me, even her own fucking daughter doesn't like her and plans on moving to Washington. I'm going to as well and get out of my small conservative shit-hole of a town. I HATE it here. At least it's supposed to rain for the whole week, rain brings a very mellow happy-sad feeling that I love. My gf invited me over for Halloween to watch movies and eat candy, she said I could be the Veronica to her JD and if that's not the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me. I need to start drawing and writing again but I haven't had any motivation, maybe I will when it starts to rain. I'm getting plants and I need to get more crystals, I'm excited.