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new hair! new comics!

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lady evil's picture
on December 2, 2019 - 6:30pm

i dyed my hair. again. i'm pretty happy with it. it's all black now. i did try to dye the roots teal but it didn't work (screw splat colors, the dye turned green) so i redid the roots to be black. and i lowkey look like bert mccraken (oops) which i think is kinda funny, and i look even more emo, which is even better than looking sorta like bert (does it help that i wear almost exclusively dark colors [red is the brightest color i wear] and ripped jeans? no. will i stop? most likely no.) but yeah, i've got new hair and a great mood to oppose my... exterior? personality? aesthetic? whatever, i love it so much. OH, and i went to the comicbook store and got a 3 of issues of DOOM PATROL. i've wanted to read dp for aaaaaaaaages and i'm finally doing it. doom patrol is soo good, but its kinda hard to explain to people, but i will explain it/tell anyone who will listen about how good it is and how weird it is and why it's so weird and why that makes it awesome. lol lots of new stuff, hopefully a good week coming.