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My way home

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Broumama's picture
on September 2, 2019 - 6:01pm

This is an update post on my life! Woo-hoo! Who cares, right? lmao. If I have no one to talk to, it feels good to come here and express myself.

In any case, since I last posted - I departed from James Madison University. I originally had to withdraw for mental health reasons, I have a lot of genetic mental health conditions which all sprung up around the ages of 21 to 23 and completely screwed me over. I do not have to tell you what they are, they just kind of worked in tandem to cover my past triumphs in a layer of dirty soot. Like Pompeii, I have been buried.

Currently, I am attending a medical academy in Michigan. They have already taught me how to draw blood using needles and how to brush someones teeth (among other things). I have been doing really well in classes and I am not concerned about my ability to survive in school.

However, my mental health problems threaten to come back. I am unable to afford medications because my health insurance was cancelled. I didn't turn in the correct paperwork on time in order to successfully continue in Medicaid.

The last time I was not on medications, I ended up in jail because I could not stop text messaging someone and they had a no contact order placed against me. It is so weird to be able to say I was jailed... I am the type of girl that gets sweaty around people that smoke weed illegally and I really do not condone underage drinking.

So, am I going to be okay? Whats next on this twisted journey? It is my life, but it doesnt feel like it anymore. It feels like there is a scary demon in my head that threatens to destroy everything I work for.

pray for me!