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My story to become a fan maybe u decide

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Kevin_1990's picture
on September 6, 2019 - 6:05pm

As a small child in the mid 90s i loved Michael Jackson he was my biggest and first musical inspiration loved his music dance moves everything i still do. But as i got older into my early teens i got into the Beatles and oasis i love oasis sorry but they are my favourite band off all time.

But.... i am not stuck to one gene the Beatles and oasis opened doors to other artist and they artist opend doors to other artists you get me I'm a music lover.

I first heard my chemical romance back in 2007 when welcome to the black parade came out at the time i was 16 huge oasis fan of course i liked this song was not ashamed to say it but i will be honest sadly in the UK they faded after that song and i was too interested in oasis and other big UK rock bands to us at the time they were one hit wonders

Fast forward 12 years later i have never forgot the song welcome to the black parade and a band called my chemical romance that says a lot for a band who's last hit i remember was 12 year ago.

Anyway my long time cat passed away who was around in 2007 and the black parade song video strangely popped into my head and i learned the full album that i had never heard was a rock opera and I'm a huge fan of pink Floyd the wall plus i love dark stuff like Tim Burton films and i hate my cat is dead i hate death my papa is also dying of cancer he is 84 so kinda ready but still sucks i hate death but in a fucked up way it fascinates me lol that's why i listened to this album and i like it.

Can't be fucked reading all this back so hope it make sense.

Think im trying to say black parade has made me come to terms with death nd hopefully it helps other people that way.