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tothestratosphere's picture
on April 7, 2016 - 11:47am

omg, today I had my first tv casting audition! I was nervous but I think I did do well. it was for my college. so I drove down to the site. signed in and waited. it was not long. I was scheduled for the morning, but since I did not read the email on time I did miss my time slot. I texted the person who told me about the casting and she said I could go on ahead and still show up. after signing in they did take a picture. I noticed that the people around me were like "real" actors. they just seemed more prepared and they arrived with their portfolios. it was mixed with both students and other people who have done castings before. so they called my name and another girls, but she was not around. they then called this other guys name and as we were walking back to the room, we found out that we were both from the same college! once inside, we just had to say our names, and if we were with an agency to the camera. the lines were not much, or long. the auditions were for these speaking roles and other parts. im just happy, I did this! I was a little nervous but I just told myself that I could do it, and hey, it wouldn't hurt to try right?. I remembered this quote I heard once, (Do one thing everyday that scares you). so maybe not necessarily scares you, but just something that you would not normally do. so I decided to give it a try and now im proud of myself for going to the audition.