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mostly about my hair???

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zzombieyum's picture
on August 7, 2019 - 9:21am

hey noodles,
im about to go to transfer advising at bridgewater state.
im leaving for LA tomorrow. going to visit my aunt who is visiting her dying ex husband. weird situation but im hoping it will be a good time!
i need to get gas for my car.
im very excited to go to LA, actually. my aunt has been making all these fun plans! i want to dye my hair while im out there but im not sure. i like my light brown hair but i love how i look with darker hair. im thinking a darker, warm brown . or black . maybe a soft black, not a blue black. although, i did enjoy blue black. im just not sure i want to deal with the upkeep of re-dying my hair. i was planning of low matinence hair. which is pretty much impossible with curls like mine. all corkscrew curls! but we'll see. maybe if i can find somewhere i can afford. my family is really broke right now... its scary.
im also nervous about taking the plane and navigating the airport on my own. ive never flown by myself. at least it's a direct flight across country! coast to coast. Im on the east coast and LA is on the west. but ill get there really early so i think ill be okay.