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More KJ things I guess

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ArsenicFatality-Onyx-'s picture
on March 25, 2020 - 7:46pm

Um, yeah. Arsenic Fatality again. Just thought I'd further explain my constant state of loneliness. So I know I've mentioned my sisters a bit so further explanation on them then. I had two sisters, both ghosted, who WERE staying with me. The oldest being Dying Ember and the younger, technically my female twin, being Sweet Song. I remember it was November the 29th when they went out to scavenge for some supplies and ran into a group of dracs. Why am I alive to tell the tale? They always made me stay and watch the post. Ember was a tall short-haired natural redhead in orange and white anything she found and Sweet Song looked like you took me and made me a girl, so ash blonde hair in a braid to her hips and in a light blue vest with S.S on the back in black duct tape and a pastel purple tank top and dark Capri-cut jeans. They were the only killjoys I've seen up close to this day. Them leaving is why I'm stuck in this little outpost of mine talking to a stuffed wolf. Well, Y'all are probably tired of my voice at this point so bye, for now, fellow Killjoys!