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more killjoy stuff

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pinup -formerly renewade-'s picture
on March 25, 2020 - 6:09pm

since we're all expanding our stories a bit (or a lot) maybe i should talk about somethings that i mentioned but didn't go into too much detail on. Specifically, Star Dirt.

My sister.
Everything I know comes from what Dr. D remembers being told, by her sometimes, but mostly by... well, you'll find out.
After she left for the zones four, five years ago, she was mostly solo. one of the first things she got was a car. nobody knows how, but she did. it was a Scarecrow's car, and that makes it especially odd. Scarecrow cars are... they're not like the cars you usually get in the zones. they don't use gas because they're solar powered; they can get speeds of up to about 300 mph. she never repainted it. Dr. D asked her about it once, while she was in the station with... he'll come up later, it's not super important at the moment. anyway, he asked her about it once, and she told him that "she didn't wanna mess up the fine, glossy finish it had. pin, when I say glossy, I mean this thing was like a brand new issue of Shiney."
she ran solo for awhile. then one day, maybe a year or a year and a half after she got out of bat city, she got in a scuffle with a gang of hot-headed killjoys. I guess I should mention that because of her car, Star Dirt had become a bit of a race circuit celebrity. they could have mistaken her and her car for a Scarecrow, or maybe they were one of the gangs that she beat. whatever the motive was, they rammed into her car and started shooting. Her car got totaled and she barely got away with her life. the hot-heads eventually sped off and she stayed low, not sure whether they were really gone or if some patrols were gonna show up and kill her or what. A little bit later, as she's just laying in the sand, a trans-am pulls up. turns out, the fab four (and missile kid) saw the wreck and wanted to see if there was anything they could help. it also helped that Jet Star, yes, THE Jet Star, had a bit of a crush on her. she's flattered, of course, and since she's lost her car, she rides with them. the four were driving to a party that they were playing at, so she tags along 'cause, well, where else is she gonna go?
at the party after their show as the mad gear, she and Jet hooked up, and started dating. she was with the four and missile kid for a while, I think Dr. D said a little over two years. ("they were so fuckin crazy about each other, it was adorable. you could tell they were," dr. d says, waving his hand "yknow, souldates or whatever that word is. I married them, about a year and a half after they met.")
But, because this is the zones, and you don't get a happy ending if your partner is one of BL/ind's most wanted criminals, it ends.
Star Dirt was filling up the trans-am while the four and missile kid went into somebody's store to get supplies. Korse and his dracs came through, and... well, did their thing. The four and missile kid got lucky. My sister... didn't.
Dr. D told me that Jet was heartbroken. he never drove anything, after that. Star Dirt never really hung out in his station much; Jet told Dr. D almost everything he knows about her after she died.
I never met them, if you're wondering. the night they died was the night I left for the zones. I should have mentioned that before. I think that was part of why Dr. D adopted me; cause he knew that if Jet was still around, he would have.


oh, do you want to see her picture?

here, this is what she looked like here in the zones. Dr. D says that Cola took this the day of their wedding.

she's got long, light blonde hair that comes down to about the middle of her ribcage. her pale blue eyes smirk at the camera. she's wearing bright red lipstick and a white dress that comes down to about her mid-thighs. she's barefoot. desert flowers are woven into a flower crown that she's holding onto with one hand so it doesn't fall off her head. her other hand is holding Jet's. they're both laughing. "I think that was the happiest day of their lives," Dr. D told me when he gave me that picture. "they were so in love."

according to him, I look just like her.