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married in my mind

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zzombieyum's picture
on June 12, 2019 - 4:22pm

just finished reading "married in my mind" by FERARD HOTLINE on my chamical romance fanfication . com

i liked it a lot but it's incomplete ahhhh :( i would still recommend it though because it's kind of left on a cliff hanger but it doesn't feel too dramatic so it kind of reaches a conclusion?

here's the summary:
Gerard Way has to do some serious damage control when everyone finds out he's secretly been writing Frerard-fanfiction.

anyways theres long chapters so it took me a little while but i just finished it and really enjoyed it. do you guys read fic? my favorite is definitely "i think i like it" by ferard faggot. it's a teacher/student and that kinda weirds people out sometime but i like that type of paring a lot!

share any recs with me, i have a super long list of fics i want to read (all bandom, h20:JAW, and harry potter) there's 860 fics on my list!! so if anyone else wants a link of even access to the google doc, let me know!!!!